Words & Music by Dotti Holmberg-Waddell


Verse 1:

Too many cats and too many dogs

Too many to find a home

Too many bornÖitís out of control

So many must die, starve and roam.


            We need to face the reality

            Thereís too many cats and dogs

            Of 27 million born each year

            Now 10 to 12 million are gone.


Verse 2:

Make up your mind, it doesnít cost that much

Itís sad to see them suffer.

If not a licensed breeder, get your pet fixed

To spay and neuter is the answer.


            What a cruel thing for us to do..

                                      Not caring for our nationís petsÖ

            They need food, shelter, and a lot of love

            And an annual visit to the vet.


Verse 3:

Have a little heart, smarten up today

Look at all their faces

Youíll know itís the right thing to you to do

Donít rely on euthanasia.


            Spay your dogs and cats right away

            Ask others to do the same

            For the sake of the pets, get involved

            Donít just sit around and complain.



Kill the crisis, not the animal

                        Out of sight, out of mind

                        Itís not humane, and itís not kind.


R epeat Verse 1


Speaking:     For petsí sake, letís work together

                        To solve this major crisis

                        Volunteer some time, educate othersÖ

                        Itís humane and it is kind

                        For petsí sake


Apple Core Publishing/BMI Ė Copyright 1995