“Christmas Kindness” is like "chicken soup" the right remedy to help our ailing world,
and to patch up old & new relationships.

This poem is from Dotti's lifetime collection of
poetry “Your Own Ship”.


“Christmas Kindness"

                                                By Dotti Holmberg-Waddell

Try a little kindness on your friend  
And accept this day is made for amends  
The harmony will satisfy your heart  
So give some kindness for a brand new start

Meditate on giving to your friend

For somewhere someone has to make amends

So come on in and sit right by my side  
And let out in full steam now what you hide

Perhaps, in time we will find some love  
And all matters under weather will be done  
I want to take some kindness to your side  
To help the coldness risen to subside  

    Listen close to what the wise men say 
That dark skies will turn light one fine day  

So, don’t worry ‘bout the trivial things you do  
And all the things you do to make life blue  
The kindness will satisfy a broken heart  
And let you know that there’s a brand new start  

There’s a time waiting there for you  
And my time is coming someday too  
When we’ll know how kindness gave us time  
To live, and laugh and love in a moment of rhyme