Throughout the year, Christmas is a renewing of our faith & the hope that our hearts may find more peace.


          "Christmas...Renewing Our Faith"


Every fragrance in the morning of my heart

Should spread open praises to the love above,

To believe in a little more faith

To bring us through this day...

In the looking glass of our own sun,

We should share with everyone. 



Faith is faith

Faith is love

Faith is an intuitive, mystical, spiritual feeling

Faith is belief in oneself

Faith is above

Within and without--it's all a part of one



Faith in nature, strength of mind

Faith is love

Faith in harvest, brothers, sisters

Faith is above

Faith in parents and missionaries

Faith is the church

Faith is all kinds--

Faith is a constant search...

Search to believe in human things--

Of the words of the Bible we sing

Of the Ten Commandments and more

Of the abolishment of our world's war

"Faith is Faith in Faith"



                                                      By Dotti Holmberg-Waddell