Where there’s darkness, you can find some light.

In a shadow of a doubt, you can find a way to make things right.

It takes a leap of faith to believe everything will be ok

When some days you’re feeling like you lost your way.


Our world’s future is in our children’s hands

And sometimes it’s hard work guiding them along--

But with our love and friendship & faith in mankind

In harmony together, we can sing a song.


Christmas time brings us together

As our lights shine brightly within--

Inspiring us to help those who are in need

Forgetting our worries and doing good deeds.


This time of the year, we honor Baby Jesus’ birth,

As we join hands in prayer around the Earth.

Our gift is Love & a reflection of who we truly are,

And with our faith, we can leap as high as the stars!

                                      Written by Dotti Holmberg-Waddell


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