Written by Dotti Holmberg-Waddell

 VERSE 1::   A pet doesn't know what day it is             

But knows when it's time for you to come home 

Your pet could be waiting all alone...         

So don't take too long.                    

    (repeat after every verse)

Love your pet, they have feelings too

And as a friend, they'll be true blue

Love your pet, they have feelings too

You're the only one they have....

They count on you.

VERSE 2:    Sometimes you can talk to them,                 

Sometimes you can sing,                                                   

They listen like a buddy,                                               

I think they understand.                                                   


VERSE 3:     Don't you like to play with them,                             

Feed them and bathe them too?                                          

I don't know why it is so....                                       

Love comes back twice fold.                                          

Pets hear your biggest secrets                                     

And never breathe a word                                                      

They listen and don't argue....                           

That's loyalty, I'm sure.                                                            


EVERYONE SINGS:     "You........You.......You......"

      © 1992 Apple Core Publishing/BMI - Found at www.rightchoicekids.com