Written by Dotti Holmberg-Waddell

RAP:              Those same people keep bugging you,           

To do something you know is wrong.

It's hard to keep saying no,

When the peer pressure gets you down...

     You have a mind, so use it,                    

Peer pressure can make you lose it.

It causes you upset and fright,

Learn how to say what is right.


CHORUS:     Being part of a gang may seem so cool,       

But sometimes a gang may be bad for you.     

A real friend likes you for yourself,

And helps to build your confidence.


VERSE 2:     Find things you like about yourself,           

You can keep smiling, never frown.             

You can be your own best friend,

                     And you can help others if they're down.




VERSE 3:      Find clean, safe, and legal fun...            

Not smoking, alcohol and drugs                

You can find other things to do,

That are healthy for others and for you.

       Remember, a real friend likes you for yourself   

You don't need to try to be like someone else

Ask for help if pressure makes you feel

                               you're not sure,

That's what smart people do when they feel insecure.


SPEAKING:    You can always ask for help!      

SPEAKING:   And you can always give help!    

      A friend may be pressured        

You can help your friend to say, "no"!

You can give your friend the strength,

To get back on the right road.




RAP:              Peer pressure promotes a quick response             

Say:  I'm into wellness

I don't want to die young                           

Chicken???  Do you see any feathers on me?

I need my brain     

Don't do it chemically  

Peer pressure won't get us!     No way!!


          1992 Apple Core Publishing/BMI - - Found at www.rightchoicekids.com