Written by Dotti Holmberg-Waddell


VERSE 1:                 Teach me to be like you

Do I need a special class in school?

Will it take me long to learn?

You see, I have the desire to learn.


VERSE 2:                 How many classes will I have to take?

To be a first-class gradu-ate

Please tell me what I have to do

You lead and I'll follow the rules.


CHORUS:                 You can be our role model

Sincere, wise and true

Teach us to be a role model too

So we can help others just like you.


VERSE 3:                 I watch you do the things you do          

And how you think things through

You have your mind and I have mine

And you're there for me anytime.


VERSE 4:                 Today it's easy to get confused

When there are oh, so many rules

But you take time to guide me along

So someday I'll be strong.



        © 1993 Apple Core Publishing/BMI - Found at www.rightchoicekids.com