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Iva Stands Up to Peer Pressure"

There once was a girl named Iva who thought she couldn’t be brave about anything…She was even afraid of her shadow.

She knew it didn’t take any effort to “not take a stand” or be strong about anything.

One day while on the playground with some friends, some older kids approached and began bragging about the drugs they had used.  They offered to get Iva and her friends some drugs too.

Iva was really scared that her friends seemed to be interested in what the big kids were talking about, as they giggled and nodded as the older kids talked.  But Iva felt frozen in her tracks and couldn’t even speak.

The older kids kept bragging, figuring they had some new customers to sell drugs to.

All of a sudden Iva’s fear turned to anger as she thought to herself:

“I can’t be lured into this temptation or let my friends be either!”

Iva had heard stories about other kids taking drugs and being harmed, even dying.  She didn’t want any harm to come to her or her friends.  So without letting her fear get the best of her, Iva blurted out loudly:  Go away!  We don’t want your drugs!

Her friends surprised at her outburst, snapped back into reality and echoed in unison:  “Yes, go away, we don’t want your drugs!”

The older kids hurried off realizing they hadn’t fooled anyone.   Iva’s friends thanked her for showing such courage and for being a “stand up kind of person”.

Written by Dotti Holmberg-Waddell
Published by Apple Core Publishing
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