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"The 5 Right Choice Kids

Character Build   with Story & Song"

Each Story plus Song approx. 5 minutes

It's Easy & Fun to Character Build...

*You read the story
*Play the song
*Discuss the meaning of story & song with your kids


Meet The Right Choice Kids

Sonny picks you up with a splashy "Sunburst"
Iva Courage wears her "Badge of Courage"
Phil Pride proudly displays his "Star of Self-Esteem"
Cher Kindness shows a "Big Heart"
Honest Lee honorably performs "The Pledge"

This product is great for parents, grandparents, role models,
schools (public & private), kids' clubs, Bible School, etc.

You can now download story & song here for FREE.  Click on Story title below.  MP3 of each song & lyrics can be downloaded at the end of each story.

"SONNY FINDS A NEW ATTITUDE" with "Uplift Your Attitude" Song
            Check out my YouTube Song Video for "Uplift Your Attitude":

"IVA STANDS UP TO PEER PRESSURE" with "We Don't Want Your Drugs" Song 
     Check out my YouTube Song Video for "We Don't Want Your Drugs":

"PHIL DISCOVERS SELF-ESTEEM" with "Believe in Y-O-U" Song
         Check out my YouTube Song Video for "Believe in Y-O-U":

"CHER'S STORY: NAME CALLING HURTS" with "Name Calling" Song
          Check out my YouTube Song Video for "Name Calling":

"LEE IS TAUGHT TRUTH & TRUST" with "Role Model Rap" Song
            Check out my YouTube Song Video for "Role Model Rap":

*Uplift Your Attitude," "We Don't Want Your Drugs" & "Name Calling" are performed by the musical kids' group called The Right Choice Kids.  "Believe in Y-O-U" & "Role Model Rap" are performed by Dotti Holmberg-Waddell.  All songs are written by Dotti.

Or you can purchase this product if you don't want to download it for free to include--

5 Mini-Stories

8-1/2" color print of Each Right Choice Kid to show kids

Compact Disc of 5 songs

Song Lyrics

Stories, Lyrics & KIDS' prints on hard stock paper & in a folder

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*The Right Choice Kids Puppets & Caricatures are an Apple Core Company copyrighted product.