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Phil Discovers Self-Esteem"

There once was a boy named Phil who lived on a farm.  Every morning he fed the chickens and cows.  Sometimes new calves were born and he got to help them come into the world.  Phil was even taught by his father how to play the guitar and sing some country songs.

Phil didn’t like to talk about living on the farm at school as he thought others would look down on him since many of them lived in the city and wore fancy clothes, unlike his hand-me-downs.

Phil dreamed:  “If only I could live in the city and be like the others, I would be accepted.”  You see, he didn’t feel any pride in who he was or that he was special.

One day, the school announced they would be having a talent show and that the prize would be fifty dollars.  Boy, Phil thought:  “I sure would love to win that money.  Then I could buy some new clothes and be popular too.”

That night, Phil told his father about the talent show and that he wished he had something to contribute so he could be like the other boys.  His father said, “Son, don’t always keep chasing someone else’s rainbow when you have your own to discover.  When you believe in yourself, your rainbow will shine and others will notice you.”

Phil gave his father’s words a lot of thought and decided to enter the talent show.  As he was singing and playing his guitar, he realized it wasn’t about being like the others or just about winning the money.  He was having fun sharing who he was and finding his own rainbow.                                                                                      

Written by Dotti Holmberg-Waddell
Published by Apple Core Publishing
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