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                                                                        Lyrics By:  Dotti Holmberg-Waddell


Verse #1:

I have something to say:

You can learn everyday.

Find someone strong

To help you along--

Teach you right from wrong

So when pressure pours on,

You can see reality,

Consequences that could be--


Now don’t be fooled and fall into a trap,

Come on--Listen up to the role model rap


Verse #2:

Hold onto your dreams,

Don’t fall apart at the seams,

Learn from those of high esteem,

You can be on their team--

Invest in yourself and take it to heart,

Don’t sell yourself short, make the right start.

Good judgment brings favor,

Start now, not later--


Chill out--Get in step

With the role model rap.


Verse #3:

Good and bad tug at you,

Role models teach rules

Good examples help others,

And soon you will discover--

When your day is getting rough,

You’ll find strength to be tough…

And do things the right way,

Now others will say, “Hey, you’re ok!”--


You’ll feel good about yourself…

It’s a fact

Now YOU’LL be playing the role model rap-----rap, rap, rap


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