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Lee is Taught Truth & Trust"


There once was a boy named Lee who told “little lies” to make himself look better.  He acted like the best ideas for group school projects were thought up by him.  If someone won a contest he tried to make others think he had the winning idea first.    But he wasn’t popular like he thought.  He irritated the other kids with his boasting and “little lies”.  They just “put up with him”. 

Lee’s mother worked at the school so he rode with her each day.  It was his job to lock the house door.  One morning, she asked him if he had locked the door and he said “Why, of course.”  But Lee knew he had forgotten.

When returning home, Lee took out his key to pretend to unlock the door but the door was ajar.  Their house had been broken into and robbed.  His mom noticed there wasn’t any tampering of the door or lock and asked him once again if he had locked the door that morning.  At this point, Lee was very upset.  The robbery scared him so he told her the truth and that he had lied.

Lee’s mom sat him down and had a serious talk with him.  She told him that it was only human to make mistakes but more important to be honest about them.  “Honesty is the Best Policy,” she said and “people in life will really look up to you if you tell the truth.”

So after that, Lee started a new habit of telling the truth.  People began to feel comfortable around him and show confidence and trust in him. 

Written by Dotti Holmberg-Waddell
Published by Apple Core Publishing
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