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Sonny Finds a New Attitude"

There once was a boy named Sonny who practiced being grumpy and grumbly everyday so others would notice him.  He even put on different socks and faked falling down to attract attention!

Sonny whined:  "I have a stomachache!  Ouch, I fell and hurt myself!  Different socks?.....My dog ran away with one of my socks!

But after a while others realized he was only pretending to get attention, and so they started ignoring him.  Now this really made Sonny sad.

One day, a new boy came to school.  He always smiled, and said "Hello" cheerfully to others and asked if he could help them, and even offered to help the teachers.  He made others happy and they all wanted to be around him.  No one seemed to tire of his good disposition.

Sonny thought:  "Perhaps, I should try a new disposition so I can be happy and make some friends."

So, Sonny began to practice having a good attitude everyday and asked to help others.  Before long he found himself smiling and feeling good about himself.

Today he feels happy and has many new friends.


Written by Dotti Holmberg-Waddell
Published by Apple Core Publishing
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