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Wouldn't you like a new, entertaining children's musical to add to your kids' lives?  With new songs to sing & hum with delightful  characters?  "Land of Myrtle, The Gloom" is a wholesome wonderful story with positive values for the family.

"Land of Myrtle, the Gloom's" production is lots of fun to perform and see...Discover this gem of a production for your community!

Story's Theme:  "There's  a silver lining in every cloud of doubt."

"Land of Myrtle, The Gloom"

 3 Act Musical Stage Play

Written by Dotti J. Holmberg-Waddell

This is a full scale production...
for community theatres, school theatre groups, etc.


Play format which can also be used as a TV Script.

Narrative form available for recording audio book.


Audience:  For children & the child in all of us

Length:  Approx. 75 minutes

Large Cast:  up to 48

A musical for children & the child in all of us...A story about what happens when we let the gloomy side of life take command, and how two curious children enter Myrtle's gloomy land and find adventure and a curious mix of plant-like creatures imprisoned there.

Professor Frog, the children's giant stuffed toy animates and tags along to try to keep the children from falling into traps by tapping his Hat of Knowledge.  

Professor Frog, Master Moss & Whistle Weed provide comic relief throughout the production.

The only way out of the land is to complete the adventure with a smile, not a frown.

This story shows the power of positive thinking & its winning force.


Presentation of Myrtle Cast of Caricatures

If you're a TV Producer looking for a children's animated movie
or a Publisher looking for a new children's book,
You can now download the Myrtle Scripts for review--
Stage/Screen Play
Narrative Version

Here's a VHS video of the play recorded in 1989. It was a dress rehearsel and not set up for professional filming but the cast of performers were great!



Musical includes 5 beautiful full length songs & 16 fun ditties!

Or have some fun and download the Musical Score and try the songs out yourself on your keyboard!

"Myrtle, the Gloom" Storyline Events:

#1:  Where Did He Get That Hat?
#2:  Garden Invasion
#3:  The Unwelcome Mat
#4:  The Challenge
#5:  Adventures in Myrtle's Land
#6:  Setting a Trap
#7:  The Trial
#8:  Spellbound
#9:  Strangest Dream?

Those interested in producing "Myrtle, the Gloom" email:

Exclusive Package includes:

  • Full Printed Script in 3-hole binder (for copying for cast members)

  • CD Rom of a theatrical performance

  • Professional Piano Score (in a Musical Handbook, Spiral Bound) that can be used for recording sound tracks

  • Scanned photos of a stage performance for costume ideas