Kids, try this "Make the Right Choice" Crossword Puzzle

Help your kids "MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE"!

12 Song Collection Produced by Kimbo Educational, Long Branch, New Jersey with all "Live Band" instruments.

All Songs Composed by Dottie Waddell and Phil Clanton who authored "Don't Talk to Strangers" and co-authored "Prejudice".  

  Sound Clips (MP3's) of "Make the Right Choice" below.

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1. Say "NO" To Drugs
Sound Clip

Say "NO" to drugs,
Instead give a friend a hug.
It'll make you feel good all day.
With drugs, you throw your life away.

2. Please, Don't Smoke
Sound Clip

Smoking makes my eyes cry
Smoking makes your heart die.
It makes me want to choke,
Please, don't smoke.

3. Buckle Up
Sound Clip

Buckle up, don't test your luck,
Reach around your waist.
Make it a habit, take the buckle and grab it,
Snap it into place.

4. Child Abuse Won't Do
Sound Clip

You should know child abuse won't do,
Instead give love as a rule.
Have faith, take our advice,
That problems have a way of working out.

5. Prejudice
Sound Clip

Don't judge a book by the cover--
Look beyond the surface, you'll discover
That it's what's inside someone that really counts.
Let's learn to be kinder and understand
that everyone needs a fair chance.

6. Love Your Pet
Sound Clip

Don't you like to play with them,
Feed them and bathe them too?
I don't know why it is so...
Love comes back twice fold.
Love your pet, they have feelings too

7. Don't Talk To Strangers
Sound Clip

When you're walking down the street,
And you see all the people
that you'd like to meet
Don't talk to strangers,
Don't ignore the dangers.

8. Don't Drink and Drive
Sound Clip

Don't loose control behind the wheel,
Our lives are gifts, oh, so real.
Help us children stay alive.
We're asking, please, don't drink and drive.

Don't Drink and Drive
Be happy, stay alive


9. The Looking Glass
Sound Clip

In the looking glass, goodness can't hide,
When the love's strong by your side.
When I take off my mask I can see.
And out pours the love inside of me.

10. Peer Pressure
Sound Clip

Being part of a gang may seem so cool,
But sometimes a gang may be bad for you.
A real friend likes you for yourself,
And helps to build your confidence.

11. Litterbug Blues
Sound Clip

Don't throw that wrapper on the ground,
Take another minute or two.
Look for a waste-basket or trash can,
They're just sitting there waiting for you.
...To get rid of those litterbug blues.

12. Dare to Cope
Sound Clip

School is a tool, so follow through,
Don't drop out, you have potential,
Why take dope?--Just be yourself,
Dare to cope, you're special.

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