"Kids", try this fun "Stop & Think" Maze

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by "The Right Choice Kids"

Songs produced & written by Dotti Holmberg-Waddell

A 12 Song Collection (sound clips below) Recorded By Central Florida kids 6-12 Years Old.

Character Build and develop problem-solving skills with

"STOP & THINK" By The Right Choice Kids....
Sing And Learn While Having Fun!

Sound Clips (MP3's) of "Stop & Think" by The Right Choice Kids below.

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1. "Save The Earth"
Sound Clip

We need resources from our earth
We need to find ways to preserve
The minerals, trees, pure water, blue skies
The animals, birds & fish, or they will die

2. "Love Your Pet"
Sound Clip

A pet doesn't know what day it is
But it knows when it's time for you to come home
Your pet could be waiting all alone
So, don't take too long
Love your pet
They have feelings too
And as a friend
They'll be true blue

3. "Beat Of The Drum"
Sound Clip


To the beat of the drum
It makes me want to hum
To live in America
I really love my land.
Be proud of our flag
With its brilliant red, white & blue
Each star being another state
In this grand U.S. of A.

4. "Looking Glass"
Sound Clip

In the looking glass of your own sun
There's love for everyone
In this world you can come along, too
There's love inside of you

5. "We Don't Want Your Drugs"
Sound Clip

Hey, We don't want your drugs...
We don't want your drugs
Get in touch with the times
Read our lips: Drugs aren't for us
We don't want your drugs!

6. "Stay On The Right Track"
Sound Clip


Life's an adventure to take
Some roads are smooth, some are rough
And there are many choices to make
Some easier, some not

7. "Role Model"
Sound Clip


Teach me to be like you
Do I need a special class in school?
Will it take me long to learn
You see I have the desire to learn

8. "Say Yes To Life"
Sound Clip

It is hard to grin and bear it
When things just don't go right
But find the courage to keep on trying
And say a big yes to life!

9. "Uplift Your Attitude"
Sound Clip

Attitude, attitude
Let's uplift our attitude
Attitude, attitude
Oh, we can turn about

10. "Name Calling"
Sound Clip

We all have a name
or use a nickname
So think before you speak
Stop, before you leap

11. "Peer Pressure"
Sound Clip

Those same people keep bugging you
To do something you know is wrong
It's hard to keep saying no
When the peer pressure gets you down
You have a mind so use it

12. "Please, Don't Run Away"
Sound Clip

Ask a counselor what to do
Or someone you know and trust
But please don't run away
You'll worry us all so much