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Here's an MP3 of "Role Model Rap" performed by Dotti:  

You can use "Role Model Rap" lyric below to practice Character Building & Rhythmic Speech by playing your own percussions.  
Teachers or kids could "set the beat" by reciting the lyrics.  For rhythm, you can use two wooden sticks hitting together (you can make with wooden dowels).  Younger kids could make tom toms out of oatmeal boxes.  You could combine percussion instruments and have a musical party!


Lyrics Written by: Dotti

Verse #1:
I have something to say:
You can learn everyday.
Find someone strong
To help you along--
Teach you right from wrong
So when pressure pours on,
You can see reality,
Consequences that could be--

Now don't be fooled and fall into a trap,
Come on--Listen up to the role model rap

Verse #2:
Hold onto your dreams,
Don't fall apart at the seams,
Learn from those of high esteem,
You can be on their team--
Invest in yourself and take it to heart,
Don't sell yourself short, make the right start.
Good judgement brings favor,
Start now, not later--

Chill out--Get in step
With the role model rap.

Verse #3:
Good and bad tug at you,
Role models teach rules
Good examples help others,
And soon you will discover--
When your day is getting rough,
You'll find strength to be tough,
And do things the right way,
Now others will say, "Hey, you're ok!"--

You'll feel good about yourself--
It's a fact,
Now YOU'LL be playing the role model rap---(rap, rap, rap)

Role Model Rap (rap, rap, rap)
Role Model Rap
Be a good Role Model
Be kind & don't hurt others