Two songs for "Pet Lovers"

Composed by Dotti Holmberg-Waddell




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 Which pets do you have?










This is PEBBLES. She is Part Terrier and Part Lhasa Apso. One of the favorite things of most dogs is eating....PEBBLES tries real hard to get treats. She hangs around under the kitchen table hoping extra food will come her way and even tries to "sing for her supper". PEBBLES is very talented, and gets lots of little treats!

Pictures below--- HAMLIT (a Vietnamese Pot Belly Pig who weighs around 250 lbs.) and LAMBENT (a Dorset Lamb) who were raised by Kristin Waddell in Lakeland, Florida when she was in high school. Kristin also raised rabbits & chickens when she belonged to the FFA (Future Farmers of America). Kristin showed LAMBENT (a breeding lamb) at Lamb Shows at the State and local County Fairs and also competed for ribbon placements with her chickens & rabbits.

The story of Harry & Lucy, 2 lost beagles, who found a home & each other....Harry was found by Natalie & Stu in September 2003 in Lakeland, Florida just wandering around their neighborhood--without a collar & frightened & confused.  Natalie & Stu asked everyone in their neighborhood if they knew who this stray Beagle belonged to but it turned out, no one knew & Harry desperately needed help & food and shelter.....Well, Natalie & Stu fell in love with his big brown eyes & floppy ears & loving disposition so they adopted him into their family & named him Harry (It turns out Harry was around 3 years old).....Their three children were all grown up & lived in other states and adopting a dog like Harry was like adopting a new child as Beagles are super affectionate....But when his new owner's went to work, they could tell he was lonely being left alone...& he eagerly waited for them each evening.  After some time, they knew to make Harry happy while they were at work was to find him a companion......In January 2005, another stray dog was found wandering on a country road in Lakeland--running in between trucks & cars and making it dangerous for the drivers & this lost dog.  A kind woman named Cynthia stopped her car and rescued this dog, who happened to be part Beagle & Blue Tick Hound...Cynthia brought the dog home and began to ask people if they knew of anyone wanting to adopt a dog  (Cynthia & her husband already had 4 dogs themselves).  Well, her best friend, Kristin, knew Natalie & Stu & had met Harry & thought "what a perfect match"!  Natalie & Stu were on vacation at the time so they received a call on their cell phone telling them about this stray dog and were they interested?  They said "YES!".  ....So this story has a happy ending....This new dog, which they named Lucy now lives with Harry, Natalie & Stu.  They just had Lucy spayed...And as you can tell from the photographs, Harry & Lucy are a perfect match & are the luckiest dogs!  Click here to meet Harry & Lucy.


Sung by "The Right Choice Kids"

Caring for and Loving Your Pets....

"Love Your Pet" Sung by The Right Choice Kids

"Love Your Pet" Lyrics

A pet doesn't know what day it is
But it knows when it's time for you to come home
Your pet could be waiting all alone
So, don't take too long
Love your pet
They have feelings, too
And as a friend
They'll be true blue

  "FOR PETS' SAKE"....

Concern of Over Population of Cats and Dogs and Advice on Spaying and Neutering. The facts in this song were researched with the help of The Humane Association of Polk County, Winter Haven, Florida.

"For Pets' Sake" Sung by Dotti Holmberg-Waddell

"For Pets' Sake Lyrics

Too many cats and too many dogs
Too many to find a home
Too many born, it's out of control
So many must die, starve and roam
We need to face the reality
There's too many cats and dogs
With 27 million born each year
Now 10 to 12 million are gone


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