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Of Yesterday

& Tomorrow



For Stage or Classroom by 12 to 20 actors

Written by Dotti Holmberg-Waddell

Performance Time: Approximately 90 minutes

(or Choose 2 -3 Songs for a 10 or 15 Minute Performance, etc.)

This product is a great idea to use as a fund raiser for a school or club production!

This production package costs only a one-time low fee (no royalties to author)...See below.

Stop & Think Play covers important issues in life. Role models, self-esteem, peer pressures, drugs, street smarts, environmental issues, runaways, pet care, etc. The play incorporates all 12 songs from "Stop & Think" by The Right Choice Kids and are educationally and scientifically endorsed. (Endorsements are included with the Play.)
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To be performed by elementary age kids to play the parts of "The Right Choice Kids" who are played by "Your Kids" from "Your Town", Father Time, and Role Models of Yesterday: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin and Abraham Lincoln, and featuring Role Models of the 20th century: John F. Kennedy, Mother Teresa, Maya Angelou and Martin Luther King. If you are from another country, you can substitute your own role models for yesterday and today.


Click Here to read about the Kensington Arts Theatre (Kensington, Maryland) February 2004 dynamic production of "Stop & Think"!

Stop & Think Play package includes:

  1. Full length 90 minute script in a 3-ring binder for easy copying. Only one copy of play is needed as permission is given (in this play) to photocopy additional copies.

  2. Simple choralography for all 12 songs created by Patricia Conner, Elementary Music Specialist with 20 years experience.

  3. Sound tracks for all 12 songs on a CD if your kids want to do some or all of their own vocals. The sounds tracks also make good background music.

  4. Lyrics for all the songs.

  5. CD of "Stop & Think" by The Right Choice Kids

FATHER TIME, The Narrator of the Play, adds his fun spirit to the script. He reflects upon important values tieing together the past, present & future.

We would like to introduce you to Father Time:

FATHER TIME: Hi, I'm Father Time. Time is an endless time goes by...time after time...time on my hands........on my wrist, on my neck and in my pocket ...(chuckle) you may think that's a lot of time to carry around, but that's my job! ......working with time and trying to make the best of it for you and me.

You see, time is what we make of it, and Stop & Think zooms into many reasons to make good use of your time.......You know, any kid can be a Right Choice Kid!.....

So get your copy of Stop & Think Play ....and hear my cool part....You can be a Right Choice Kid too!

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Stop & Think Play Package & CD:  ONLY $64.99

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